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Coloiur Theory at Contemporary Applied Arts, London

Five Colours, 2018, painted wood

See our new colour still life pieces at Contemporary Applied Arts, London:

Colour Theory

19 March 21 April 2018

This March, Contemporary Applied Arts presents Colour Theory, a kaleidoscopic selection of exquisite decorative and functional hand-crafted objects to celebrate spring. 

On display will be a spectrum of colour and style across our entire gallery and featuring beautiful pieces from all our represented disciplines to complement and enhance each other.

This is the first in a series of showcases and exhibitions celebrating our 70th anniversary year,

Still Life at Chapel Arts, Cheltenham

Opens today! Our first chance to show at the new Chapel Arts gallery in Cheltenham. The gallery is worth a visit for the architectural space alone...beautiful windows, coffered ceiling and proportions, in a conversion that keeps much of the feel of the original chapel, while making it a highly versatile space in which to show art.

We have the whole of the ground floor to show the range of our work with still life groups, pieces with between three and a hundred vessels! We are showing two coloured groups for the fist time, made in response to the architecture of the Vieille Ville of Nice, hopefully holding something of the ambiguous light and shadow of the narrow streets, painted wall and shutters and terracotta roofscapes of the city.

We've engaged with the architecture of the chapel in setting out the show, some of the work on plinths, some more domestically placed on furniture and table.

Traver Gallery, Seattle, New Works, 7th-30th May

Traver Gallery, Seattle, New Works, 7th-30th May

Our first solo show at the Traver Gallery is also our first solo show in the United States. It includes both the two largest vessel forms we have made (at around 6'), and a dozen new carved and stitched hollow vessels.

Collect 2015 at the Saatchi Gallery, London, 8th-11th May

Collect 2015 at the Saatchi Gallery, London, 8th-11th May

Salt Rush Series

This is the first showing of an entirely new body of work which takes the hollowed vessels in a different direction. These vessels are on a much larger scale, and more fully three dimensional. Each is made from a single piece of timber, sawn, hollowed out and re-assembled. Forms are much more organic, with movement exploiting the individual knots, shakes, and other 'defects' of the wood. Surface textures use fine repetition to bring light and shade to the grain of the wood and overall form, they are clear wax finished to leave the wood's original colour variations. All this gives the pieces a more strongly physical presence, closer to the tree from which they came. Bindings are cord made by us from salt rush, their variation in size and thickness giving an expressive horizontal contrasting with the vertical forms.

Two larger forms use the same techniques and rationale on a more sculptural scale.

Westonbirt Arboretum Commission

Our new donor board wall sculpture at the National Arboretum, Westonbirt, Gloucestershire.
The sculpture is part of the new Welcome Building, the first phase of the Arboretum's Millennium project, and the smaller leaves carry the 150 plus names of the donors who helped to make this possible.

The sculpture is on the interior gable wall of the Welcome Building, above the turnstiles. The wall itself is 7.5 metres high to the ridge. The larger leaves are made from timber from the Arboretum: oak, yew and thuja.

The Welcome Building was opened on 23rd June by the Duchess of Cornwall.

'The Carving of the Wood' Craft Study Centre, Farnham

We are currently showing as part of the excellent woodcarving exhibition at the
Craft Study Centre in Farnham. This piece, 'Grand Still Life' is the largest
of the series we have yet made, 22 elements, on an 8' plinth.

The show is from 3rd June to the 19th July.

Collect 2014

We have just delivered our work for Collect, which opens on Friday (9th May) at the Saatchi Gallery in London. This year we are excited to be showing the first ever group of our new 'Stitched Flat' pieces. These are carved on the 'wrong' side of veneer board, exploiting the random knots and shading, while their interiors are immaculate cherry veneer. Back and front are bent, and held in place by 'crow's foot' pattern stitching in silk.

Also on show are new pieces from the hollow carved vessel series in maple, sycamore and walnut, and the two largest 'Ribbed Flasks' we have ever made.

As usual, we will be showing with Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, Stand 2.2

Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London, 9th - 12th May

Honolulu Museum of Art

We have just heard that David and Ruth Waterbury are to donate one of our early limewood 'Vessel' forms to the Honolulu Museum of Art. We were lucky enough to meet David and Ruth in the States last year, they have been tireless supporters of wood art, and are now working closely with a number of museums.

'Beyond Boundaries': CWA exhibit at SOFA Chicago

A piece from our major new carved 'Bend' series has been selected for the Collectors of Wood Art exhibit 'Beyond Boundaries' this Autumn at SOFA Chicago. The exhibit charts new developments in wood art, and will include twenty-five makers. The exhibit is curated by Emily Zilber from the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Showcase


Our work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is now on display, and can be seen through to the end of August. It's been an opportunity to show new and older pieces alongside each other, and four of the series we began in Philadelphia are represented.

Featured is the first of the new carved ply pieces, 'Flat Bend', alongside two new 'Painted Bend' pieces.

There are also two new veneer vessel forms, and the largest of the carved hollow vessel we have made.

These are shown alongside four major carved pieces from the last three years.

'Big Bend' acquired by Philadelphia Museum of Art

We are delighted that Philadelphia Museum Art has just acquired one of our major pieces from last year's residency at The Center for Art in Wood. It is the final of three 'Bends' using the flexibility and tensile properties of commercial veneer board as the basis for vessel forms. A single sheet of board cut to shape is bent into a curve and stitched together at the edges. The shape itself is created through the resistance of the board to bending, resisting against the stitching holding the curved edges together. The stitch pattern on 'Big Bend' is a strong and decorative one used in traditional Japanese bookbinding.


'Exempla' in Germany

We were invited to demonstrate and show as guests at this year's 'Exempla',
one of the four German crafts council exhibitions that form the core of the massive Internazionale Handwerksmesse in Munich, from March 12th - 18th. The theme for this year was 'Partnerships', each exhibitor exemplifying a different kind of working relationship.

Shades of White at the Traver Gallery, Seattle